Justice League: Throne of Atlantis Review

If there’s one thing that DC has been getting consistently right over the years, its been their straight-to-home-video animated releases. Justice League: Throne of Atlantis is a direct sequel to last year’s Justice League: War. If you payed attention, there was a sequence in that film that hinted at the storyline of the movie we’re reviewing now. One that would introduce Aquaman to this version of the Justice League.

The Story

Just as War was an origin for the Cyborg, Atlantis shows how Arthur Curry comes to be Aquaman and join the League. I’ve never been a hugh fan of the character, but this movie does a good job of making me want to root for him. I always thought he was rather corny, but they followed the New 52 version of the character and gave him more of an edge.

We also see the advancing of the relationship of the rest of the justice league. Cyborg has come to accept what he is here compared to the last movie. Superman and Wonder Woman have become an item. Its great to see the team back in action, but I’d really like to see this iteration of the group grow into an expanded team like we saw in the JLU series.

The Visuals

The animation here was great just like you’d expect from this team. Each team member got their chance to shine especially Aquaman. The fight scenes agains the atlantean army, the Black Manta and Aquaman’s brother were all fun to watch.

The Verdict

If we’re comparing this to other DC animated titles, I enjoyed most of the Batman solo movies a little better. This one is still great and just as good as the Justice League: War. I was surprised by how cool Aquaman was. My only real gripe here is that outside of the main team, none of my favorite heroes or villains showed up. This is definitely worth a watch though and judging by the after-credits scene, there’s more to come.