About Heroic Review

Superhero movies are our thing. Sure, other action movies are cool too, sci-fi movies can be awesome I guess. Nothing can take over the theaters every summer though quite like super heroes. These are the characters that we grew up watching and reading about our whole lives and this genre is bringing them to life.

There are plenty of places to read other people’s opinions on movies. Most of the ones reviewing the movies know nothing about the characters and how they should be portrayed, so how could they know whether the portrayal is good or not. We’ve lived and breathed this genre since the beginning, so it’ only right we share our opinion with the world.

We want to hear your opinion too. The site is small now, but we are building a community to discuss some of the most epic movies ever made. So keep coming back and we’ll keep posting reviews. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay up-to-date on everything we’re talking about.