Fantastic Four Teaser Trailer Review

Surprisingly today the long awaited first look at the new trailer for the Fantastic Four reboot arrived. Its by the director who created the found-footage super hero film Chronicle. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a superhero movie more criticized before anyone’s even watched a frame of footage. I’m not as worried about this movie after watching the trailer, but it does seem a bit darker that what is typical of the Fantastic Four. It also looks like they’re saving Doom’s look for a later reveal. We still don’t know a ton about the story, rattle off what I thought of each of the character below.

Watch the Trailer

Mr. Fantastic

He looks a lot younger than what we usually see from this character I’ll wait to see the movie to judge whether that’s a problem or not. He seems to still be brainy scientist which is one of the key elements of his personality.

The Thing

Ben Grimm is again shown as much younger than normal here. We get a glimpse of him transforming into the rock monster form we all know and we see him for a moment in his final form. I think this look so far is a step up from the previous films. He looks much more realistic and not so much like a guy in a suit.

The Invisible Woman

She was definitely very … visible here (sorry). She’s not doing much in the shots we see her in, so not much to base an opinion on here. Kate Mara is a great actress though, so we’ll wait and see.

The Human Torch

There was a lot of criticism of the casting of Michael B. Jordan for this role since the character is usually white. I won’t mind it much as long as Johnny’s personality is the same. I don’t think the character is defined by his race. We see him “flame on” in the trailer. Nothing special, but it looked good.

The Verdict

I didn’t really see any red flags in the teaser. I think they’ve done a good job of quieting a lot of the criticism. This was a good trailer.