X-Men JFK Assassination Viral Video and Site

X-Men Days of Future Past is doing a lot of great things when it comes to viral videos and sites. Their news on inserts Magneto into the events of the John F. Kennedy assassination. There are detailed accounts of what happened that day as well as the events that followed. They even have a full-on conspiracy theory site called The Bent Bullet to go along with it. You can see the viral video below.
The Bent Bullet: JFK and the Mutant Conspiracy


If you missed it they also did something similar for Trask Industries. Trask Industries is Bolivar Trask’s company which is responsible for the creation of the mutant hunting Sentinals. Check out this viral site. The video is below.
Trask Industries: Your Future


I think stuff like this is great and it makes the movie universe feel so much more rich going into a movie like this. It also helps the general non comic book reading audience know who some of the more obscure characters are and why they’re there. Let us know what you thin in the comments.