Thor 2: The Dark World Review

The basic premise of Thor 2 was this. A dark dormant evil (Malekith) older than even Odin is awakened and intends to wreak havoc on the all of the nine realms. When that evil puts everything he loves in danger, it’s up to Thor to figure out how to stop him. His lost love Jane Foster accidentally gets herself involved making things even more personal. Things get so screwed up that he even needs to get Loki involved. You probably knew most of that from watching the trailer though.

I liked almost everything about this movie. Director Alan Taylor really put together a great film. There was good acting across the board. Loki has some spotlight-stealing scenes. Chis Hemmsworth successfully showed Thor’s growth from the first entry in the franchise. There he was very brash and arrogant. Here he seems much more humble and wise. I had my doubts about the main villain going in, but I was pleasantly suppressed. I thought he was sufficiently menacing.

As far as the fights go, Thor takes center stage in some of the best action we’ve seen from a Marvel Studios production. His battles with Maleketh, Kurse, The dark elves, and even the giant rock monster from trailer were all epic and treats to watch. Loki, Heimdall, Lady Sif and the Warriors Three also get to kick some ass too.

The ending is good. It ties up the loose ends of this movie, sets up the next entry in the series perfectly and leaves more questions to be answered. There’s even a nice mid-credits scene that gives us our first taste of another upcoming marvel blockbuster.

I have almost no gripes with Dark World. The ones I do have are small nit-picks. I wasn’t a big fan of all the high-tech weaponry and light sabers. Nothing semed quite so high-tech before in the last movie. I’ll admit my knowledge of Thor’s mythology is slim, so wish we could have seem more of the other realms.

So this movie is pretty much highly recommended. There’s nothing else to say. GO SEE IT!!