The Marvels Review

Marvel’s latest entry into the MCU, The Marvels, is here, and it’s time for a spoiler-packed review. If you haven’t seen the film yet, consider returning once you’ve experienced the cinematic journey.

A Stellar Cast and Ambitious Director

Picking up from where the 2019 “Captain Marvel” left off, The Marvels reunites us with beloved characters. Starring Brie Larson as Captain Marvel, Tianna Paris as Monica Rambeau, and introducing Iman Villani as Ms. Marvel, the film is directed by Nia DaCosta. Notably, Nia DaCosta stands as the youngest director to helm an MCU film and the first black woman to do so, a significant milestone in the realm of superhero cinema.

The Powerhouse Trio

The Marvels brings together the triumphant trio of Captain Marvel, Monica Rambeau, and Ms. Marvel. Surprisingly, these characters shine even brighter than in their previous appearances, crafting a compelling dynamic between them. Ms. Marvel emerges as the standout performer, with her fangirling adding a touch of relatability and authenticity to her character.

Spectacular Team Dynamics

The film’s most enjoyable moments often revolve around the trio’s location-switching fight sequences. These action-packed scenes evoke memories of the early days of the Avengers, displaying seamless teamwork and exploiting each member’s unique abilities. This unity creates a sense of camaraderie, underscoring that “The Marvels” truly functions as a team.

Multiverse Shenanigans

The film kicks off with a sense of disarray and confusion, hinting at the chaos that lies ahead. Yet, as the story unfolds, our heroes transform into a well-oiled machine. The Skrulls make a striking appearance, surpassing their portrayal in “Secret Invasion” by appearing more captivating and menacing.

The Kree also play a role in “The Marvels,” though the distinctions in skin color raise intriguing questions. The movie does an excellent job filling in the gaps in Carol’s backstory, addressing her past actions and fostering reconciliation between the Kree and Skrulls.

Young Avengers on the Horizon

I’m glad they had the Young Avengers set-up with Kate Bishop and Ms. Marvel at the end, calling back to Fury’s appearance in Iron Man years ago with Ms. Marvel kind of in that Fury role. It’s about time that they acknowledged that the Young Avengers is going to happen at all. They’ve been peppering in those characters here and there for a while now. Kate Bishop, Ms. Marvel, Cassie Lang, Speed and Wiccan have all popped up. I think they should make that a series, but a movie could be too.

A Few Stumbling Blocks

While the core of “The Marvels” is undoubtedly strong, some minor elements fall short. For instance, the exaggerated use of Flerkin, a cat-like creature, feels forced and detracts from the film’s momentum. The alien race’s unique communication method, singing, strikes a balance between fun and annoying.

The film’s dramatic beats felt slightly rushed, indicating that it could have benefitted from a more leisurely pace. “The Marvels” is the shortest MCU film to date, and extended moments of reflection would have enhanced the overall experience.

And I know why they chose to use Valkyrie for this scene with the Skrulls, but I didn’t really care for it and it did feel earned to me. It felt kind of awkward, honestly. They did it because Brie Larson and Tessa Mae Thompson’s banter on social media a while back led people to believe that their characters might have some sort of relationship. But I had forgotten all about that.

I would have rather that being Amelia Clark’s Gia character and that it kind of tied in to Secret Invasion and brought her character’s arc to a close and taken her off of the board. But now I guess she’s still lingering out there with all of those powers. And also I wish Nick Fury was given a little bit more to do, but that’s just because I’m a fan of that character.

Monica Rambeau’s Mid-Credits Scene

In the Mid-credits scene with Monica Rambeau was so cool after she closed the rift between realities. We get her waking up on a hospital bed in a new reality. Confronted by her mom, Maria Rambeau in full Captain Marvel gear along with a spot-on depiction of Beast from the X-Men. Finally! And of course, he knows exactly what’s happening here, and he lets her know all the details.

Everything about him was perfect down to the shade of blue. He looks like a live action version of The Beast from the X-Men cartoons from the nineties. He name checks Professor X so we know he’s still alive in this universe, but I’m not sure if this is a whole new universe or is supposed to be the same one that we saw in Multiverse of Madness.

Maria Rambeau’s uniform is different from that movie, so it leads me to believe that it isn’t the same one. She even has the same gantlets that Ms. Marvel wears in this movie. So maybe it’ll be the same universe that the Wolverine from the upcoming Deadpool movie is from. Or maybe they’ll just all be from different universes. I thought it was going to wind up being the Fantastic Four that picked her up, but this is just as good, and it could lead to an interesting third Marvel’s movie.

That’s if this winds up getting paid off, I guess. And there wasn’t really a post-credits scene. We kind of just get cat sounds.

Speaking of post-credits scenes, the last time we saw Captain Marvel before this movie was in the post-credits scenes for Shang-Chi. And we don’t get any acknowledgment of that scene at all. I’m hoping that a lot of these post-credits scenes we’ve been seeing start getting paid off pretty soon because they’re going to start feeling like a waste of time and not as interesting as they used to be.

In Conclusion

The Marvels is a remarkable addition to the MCU, elevating the fun factor and uniting dynamic characters. While minor imperfections exist, the film excels in its core components. The focus on the evolving relationship between Captain Marvel, Monica Rambeau, and Ms. Marvel adds depth to the narrative.

As we eagerly anticipate the next chapter in the MCU, The Marvels reinforces the strength of Marvel’s enduring storytelling. It’s an exciting journey through the multiverse, setting the stage for a future filled with adventures and surprises.

Share your thoughts on The Marvels in the comments section, particularly the enticing mid-credits scene. Until next time, movie enthusiasts!