The Killer Review

I recently had the pleasure of watching the Netflix movie “The Killer,” and let me tell you, it’s a cinematic gem. In this spoiler-free review, I’ll take you through my thoughts on this thrilling David Fincher creation, starring Michael Fassbender as the enigmatic assassin.

Directed by the visionary David Fincher, the creative genius behind acclaimed films like “The Social Network,” “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button,” “Se7en,” and “Fight Club,” “The Killer” fits perfectly within the distinctive style we’ve come to expect from this director. This movie reunites Fincher with his “Se7en” writing partner, Andrew Kevin Walker, promising a gripping narrative.

While I had the privilege of catching “The Killer” during its limited theatrical run that began on October 27th, it’s also set to release on Netflix on November 10th. If you have the opportunity to see it in theaters, I highly recommend doing so. I watched it in a local theater known for showcasing indie films, which added to the overall experience.

Its Artwork

One notable element that initially drew me to “The Killer” was its poster, an exquisite oil painting featuring Michael Fassbender’s character. Looking back after watching the film, I believe this poster encapsulates the movie’s essence as much as its official trailer. Much like an oil painting, the film embodies meticulous detail and precision, reflecting the protagonist’s approach to his work. The movie’s first act, particularly, is characterized by its calm and deliberate pacing, with Fassbender’s character engaging in introspective, silent contemplation. He’s consumed by his mission, emphasizing the importance of flawless execution, leaving no room for loose ends or evidence.

Furthermore, the poster could symbolize the care and dedication exhibited by the film’s cast and crew. “The Killer” boasts exceptional acting, writing, cinematography, and direction, effectively transforming the screen into a canvas of artistry.

The Characters

Michael Fassbender delivers a tour de force performance, as his character, known by aliases rather than his real name, takes center stage in nearly every scene. His portrayal is a masterclass in portraying a character who is both cold and calculating when required, yet capable of eliciting empathy when the narrative demands it. The film features few characters with speaking roles, but each actor shines in their respective performances. The venerable Tilda Swinton, who I was already familiar with, plays an expositional role with the gravitas and skill one would expect from her.

The Action

As a fan of action in movies, I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of action in “The Killer.” The film is divided into chapters, each dedicated to one of the protagonist’s targets, providing a diverse array of action sequences. One of these chapters, in particular, boasts action scenes that rival those in the “John Wick” franchise. These intense sequences are juxtaposed with calm and stealthy moments that are equally gripping, building tension as the audience anticipates the character’s success.

The film’s tension and anticipation are further heightened by its remarkable music and sound design. The ambient noise that swells during key scenes effectively conveys anxiety and anticipation, culminating in the climax. The music dynamically adapts to the action, reflecting the chaotic and intense moments within the narrative.

The Verdict

In summary, “The Killer” delivers precisely what you’d expect while also subverting expectations when needed. I’m genuinely appreciative of the recent trend in which streaming platforms like Netflix and Apple TV+ acquire prestige films for a limited theatrical run before releasing them on their platforms, similar to “The Killer.” If the opportunity arises, I urge you to experience this cinematic masterpiece in theaters. If not, you’re in for a treat when you watch it at home.

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