Spider-Man 2 Review

The moment we’ve all been eagerly waiting for has finally arrived with the release of Spider-Man 2 on Playstation 5, and I’m here to share my spoiler-free first impressions of this long-anticipated game. Swing into action with me as we explore the web-filled world of Spidey!

It’s been a five-year journey since the original Spider-Man game’s release on the PS4, and three years since the exhilarating Miles Morales version graced our screens. Now, we’re back for more wall-crawling adventures, and the hype is real.

Spider-Man 2 has already earned the title of the fastest-selling first-party game in Sony’s history. If you’re yet to dive in, you can grab the Standard Edition for $70, or go for the Digital Deluxe at $80. For collectors and fans of cool figurines, the Collector’s Edition is available at $230, featuring a stunning statue of Venom locked in combat with both Spider-Men. I personally opted for the Digital Deluxe edition, which offered a variety of extra costumes for both Peter and Miles.

The Story

As of now, I’m only 17% into the game, but the story has already captured my attention. It seamlessly picks up where the original Spider-Man and Miles Morales versions left off, weaving in story beats that tie these games together. The storytelling alternates between Miles and Peter’s perspectives, delivering poignant moments with their supporting characters, which significantly contribute to the overall narrative and game flow. It’s a narrative technique I wish the movies would explore more.

The game introduces an array of B-list villains throughout the story, each contributing their unique flair to the gameplay. So far, I’ve encountered the likes of Scorpion, Mister Negative, Black Cat, Curt Connors, The Prowler, Tombstone, Kraven, Mysterio, and Harry and Norman Osborn, although I’ve only had to face off against one of them. Venom also makes an appearance, and with much gameplay left, there’s bound to be more surprises in store, which I’m actively avoiding to keep the experience fresh.


Spider-Man 2 offers an abundance of content to keep you engaged. Side missions, ability and gadget upgrades, and acquiring various suits allow you to dominate the relentless waves of enemies in style. Even web-swinging has been elevated, with both Peter and Miles sporting web wings that enable graceful gliding through the city. New side quests are tailored to this newfound ability. The distinct powers of Peter and Miles ensure that the gameplay remains fresh, addressing concerns of repetitiveness from previous entries.

As the story unfolds, enemies become progressively more formidable, gaining new abilities that make combat all the more enjoyable. The depth of combat and the array of moves at your disposal truly make you feel like Spider-Man.

The Graphics

Beyond the captivating story and engaging gameplay, the graphics are nothing short of exceptional. The cityscape is larger, more populated, and teeming with Easter eggs. Depending on your settings, the game offers an impressive level of fidelity, with reflections on every building and breathtaking cityscapes to explore. Spider-Man 2 is, without a doubt, a visually stunning game.

The Verdict

Whether you’re a superhero enthusiast or just someone looking for a fun gaming experience, Spider-Man 2 has something for everyone. It’s a significant improvement on its predecessors in nearly every aspect, and I can’t find any significant criticisms to level at it. I’m eagerly looking forward to completing this game and delving deeper into its web of adventures.

Are you currently immersed in the world of Spider-Man 2? How far have you progressed in the game? Share your experiences and thoughts in the comments. If you enjoyed this review, you can follow me on X or TikTok so you don’t miss my next one. Until next time, web-slinging fans!