Role Play Review

I just watched the new prime video movie role play.

Role play stars Kaley Cuoco of Big Bang Theory Fame, and also David Oyelowo. Whoa. From many movies including Gringo and Cloverfield Paradox. So I was glad to see both of them in this. It was also directed by Thomas Vincent, and this is my first time experiencing one of his movies.

What kicks this whole thing off is that the couple is going through a steel point in their relationship and they wanted to spice things up by doing a little role play like the movie title suggests. They decided to assume fake identities and go to a hotel to kind of meet up. Things go off the rails just a little bit and Couco’s Emma character has her cover blown and we find out that she’s actually an assassin unbeknownst to her husband, David. Everything that happens in the movie spills out of that revelation.

The Good

So going into this movie, I thought it was going to be a romantic comedy, but it’s actually an action movie with a little bit of romantic comedy elements sprinkled in there. It’s R-rated. I didn’t know that going in either. There’s lots of four letter words sprinkled throughout. It’s kind of structured like a romantic comedy, but it doesn’t get too goofy or sappy, and there’s lots of drama and action, but it doesn’t take itself too seriously either. So I guess what I’m saying is I enjoy the tone of the movie.

Oyelowo did a great job of playing the oblivious, kindhearted husband to Koko’s razor sharp assassin. I bought them as a couple. They cared about each other. The scenarios that the two of them were in were fun to watch, especially the hotel bar scene.

The Less Good

The David Brackett character was kind of the comic relief and a little bit out of his element with everything that was happening. I wish that he showed a little bit more backbone and was able to take care of himself better. But I did like that. He was a great example of a good family man and a father that just wanted to do right by everyone.

Couco was cool as Emma, but I wasn’t really taking her quite as serious as I think the film called for, and I think that’s because of her previous comedic roles in The Big Bang. I thought that I was supposed to be laughing at everything that was happening and it was actually serious moments.

While I was pleased with the amount of action in this movie, I wouldn’t say it was top notch. There were lots of cuts between each move and each of the fights. If there was anywhere, they could have spent a little bit more time in the movie and gave it a little bit more attention, it would have been the fight choreography.

The Verdict

Overall, I enjoyed this movie way more than I thought I would. Streaming is the perfect place for it. It’s the perfect movie for you to curl up on the couch with the significant other, and both of you can enjoy it. It probably isn’t something that you need to rush to watch, though.