Kick Ass 2 Review

I thought the first kick ass movie was one of the best the genre had to offer. Because it wasn’t one of the characters I grew up on, it provided me with a fresh story. It also had an edge that that the big studios wouldn’t be likely to allow for something like Wolverine or Batman. While Kick Ass’ sequel has a lot of the same qualities,  It lacks some of the magic of its predecessor.

Let’s start off with what I did like about the movie. The evolution of Hit Girl and Kick Ass’ relationship was one of the strongest parts of the film and also provides a lot of laughs and a lot of drama. Its great to see Kick Ass coming into his own and becoming a legitimate hero. I also like most of the new characters that were introduced. Mother Russia, Cernal Stars and Stripes, Dr Gravity, Night Bitch all completely awesome. McLovin did a great job as The Motherfucker and really made you hate the character. Mother Russia has a scene where she’s a force of nature. For example she tears a door from a car with her bear hands!!

Now for the stuff I didn’t like. The main thing is that although she had her badass moments, Hit-Girl seemed a bit toned down from the last film. Add to the aweful “mean girls” segments throughout had me a little disappointed with the character this time around. I understand that those were to push Hit Girl’s narrative along, but I just wasn’t a fan.

Jim Carrey was great a Kernal Stars and Stripes, but it seemed like all of his good parts and lines were in the trailers. I also thought his role would be at least as prominent as Big Daddy in the previous movie but it was not.

Overall, if you’re a fan of over over the top action movies, You’ll enjoy Kick Ass 2. The movie introduced a lot of great new characters, but it spent a little too much time on the least interesting parts of the story. I’d say it’s definitely worth a watch on Netflix, but not worth a buy unless you’re a big fan of the first movie or are really into the genre, like me.