Jessica Jones Trailers

If by any chance you saw Marvel and Netflix’s fantastic Daredevil series earlier this year, you should be looking forward to their next one following the character of Jessica Jones. They’ve released a cool pair of teaser trailers to promote the event. If we’ve learned anything from these its that Jessica Jones is strong as hell, she can can kick a whole lot of ass and she likes her liquor. Oh and she’s not a morning person. Check them out below. If they release anymore, we’ll add the new ones too.

Jessica Jones: Good Morning



Jessica Jones: Nightcap



Jessica Jones stars Krysten Ritter as a former super heroine who decides to change career paths and become a P.I. The entire series will be available for viewing when it premiers November 20th. This is the second series in the Marvel/Netflix partnership which will spawn the release of numerous other series. Look forward to season two of Daredevil as well as shows for the Iron Fist, Luke Cage and the Defenders. Marvel has promised that the Defenders will see characters from all four series coming together to form a team.