December Watch List

Yo December is gonna be a busy month! There’s the holidays if you celebrate. But there’s also a lot of cool looking movies and show dropping. This is my December watch list.

Godzilla: Minus One

Where to Watch: Theaters
When: December 1st

Godzilla: Minus One is the second of three Godzilla projects dropping in, saying 365 day period. I’m currently enjoying Monarch: Legacy of Monsters on Apple TV+. So hopefully this will be cool too. This one is a Japanese film created by Toho Studios, so expect to see a lot of subtitles. The trailer looks fantastic and you know, I love some giant kaiju action, so hopefully I enjoy this.

Silent Night

Where to Watch: Theaters
When: December 1st

Silent Night is directed by John Woo and Its been quite a while since I saw anything new from him. The trailer was really dynamic and it reminds me of John Wick or Taken or Nobody style of film. It stars Joel Kinnaman and Cleveland’s own Kid Cudi. Apparently there’s no dialog in this whole movie, hence the name. Sounds like something different and I’m interested to see what they could do with this premise.

Merry Little Batman

Where to Watch: Prime Video
When: December 8th

I’m not sure what to think about Merry Little Batman. It features Damian Wayne, but not as Robin. They made him a little mini Batman, which is a little bit weird, and his personality isn’t what we’re used to getting from Damian, but I like the animation style. It’s kind of a cutesy kids movie, so add it to your list if you have any, or if you’re just really into Christmas or Batman.

I wonder why Max would let a DC movie premiere anywhere other than their platform though.


Where to Watch: Theaters
When: December 15th

Timothy Chalet as Willy Wonka

Both of the other Willy Wonka movies are so iconic, so hopefully that becomes true of this one, too. Wonka stars Timothy Chalamet and appears to be more of an origin story than those two Its directed by Paul King and the trailer looks alright, but they still have a little bit of work to do to motivate me to the theaters to go see this.

This looks perfect for families though.

Rebel Moon Part One:

Where to Watch: Select Theaters/Netflix
When: December 15/December 22nd

If you happen to live in Los Angeles or Toronto or London or New York, you’re in luck. You can catch Rebel Moon in select theaters showing in 70 millimeter on December 15. Everyone else has to wait until the 22nd for the Netflix drop, and I might have to take a road trip.

Zack Snyder is definitely one of my favorite directors from 300 to Justice League. I’m usually right there when he drops something new. This is a follow up to end in-universe-with one of my favorite zombie movies, Army of the Dead, I’ve seen it referred to as adult Star Wars. So we’ll see what that means.

What If … ?: Season 2

Where to Watch: Disney +
When: December 22nd

The Watcher

I wasn’t expecting any more MCU stuff this year, but that’s exactly what we’re getting with What If …? season two and I’ll take it. The first season was great. From the looks of the trailer, we’ll be getting more interesting scenarios in the second one. MCU Mario Kart, Peter Quill if he never got abducted, Christmas stuff. New episodes start to drop on the 22nd. They keep coming every day back to back for nine nights. You know its on Disney Plus.

The Iron Claw

Where to Watch: Theaters
When: December 22nd

Iron Claw is kinda the same kind of vibes as Mickey Rourke’s The Wrestler movie. This one stars Zac Efron and Jeremy Alan White and was written by Sean Durkin. It’s based on the true story of the Von Erich twins. I love WWE and WCW you growing up, so this kind of is in my wheelhouse. It looks like it’s going to be artsy and cool as hell.

Aquaman: and the Lost Kingdom

Where to Watch: Theaters
When: December 22nd


The first Aquaman movie was super successful, but a lot has changed regarding the public’s goodwill towards DC movies since then. I’ll be interested to see if the new one is just as successful, but I’ll be there to check it out either way, I think the trailers look like it has potential, but I also really enjoyed the Flash and Blue Beetle, so take that into account.


Where to Watch: Disney +
When: December 25th

Finally, Ferrari drops on Christmas Day. If you saw my recent top ten list and know I’m really into racing movies. From the looks of the trailer, this one doesn’t aim to be left out next time I update that list. It’s directed by Michael Mann and stars Adam Driver and Penelope Cruz. It’s like an origin story for Enzo Ferrari, we’re guaranteed eye candy at the very least, so I’m looking forward to checking this one out.

So, what are you most excited about this November? Did I miss any noteworthy releases? Share your thoughts in the comments. If you’re enjoying my content, please consider following me on your social platform of choice. Stay tuned for more exciting updates in the world of entertainment. Until next time, peace!