Chappie Trailer Review

Chappie is the upcoming film from Niel Blomkamp the director of such films as District 9 and Elysium. Hopefully I can use those films to gauge my expectations for this one because I was thoroughly impressed by both of them Blomkamp is quickly becoming one of my favorite directors in the sic-fi/action genre.

Based on the trailer, this film continues the director’s trend of putting highly advanced technology in more grungy settings as opposed to the sleek environments you usually see. It gives his projects a much welcomed touch of realism thats much lacking in a lot of movies If you know me, you know I love my movies with lots of action. From the looks of Hugh Jackman’s mech-suit, I’ll be getting plenty of that. The premise seems to be similar to Piniochio in that Chappie: a robot, is granted consiouness and becomes more and more “Alive” and film goes on.

Look for Chappie in your local theatre on March 6. I’m anticipating it based on this engaging trailer as well the inspired work that this director has previously produced. Let us know if you’ll be seeing this one in the comments below.