Antman Teaser Trailer Review

Antman is the second film that Marvel has done for a character that is relatively unknown by the general public. If this one is anywhere close to the quality that was Guardians of the Galaxy, then we’re in for a ride. The movie is also not without its controversy. Antman’s original director Edgar Wright abandoned the project due to creative differences with the studio. Peyton Reed is picking up where he left off at the helm.

Here we have the first footage and honestly, I wasn’t that impressed. Sure there are a few shots that show the potential of what they’re working on, but it just didn’t strike the same cord that previous teasers from the studio have. I’m not a big fan of the character in general, so that probably didn’t help either.

Things I did like include the costume, the way the big-to-small transition occurs and some of Hank Pym’s dialogue. The scene where Antman is riding the flying ant has a lot of potential as well. Audiences can look forward to watching this in theaters this coming July to judge for themselves.